Gozo’s hill-and-valley landscape is one of its more prominent and important natural features. The valley systems of Gozo host a wide variety of flora and fauna, and certain valleys, such as Wied il-Lunzjata, have unique habitats and micro-ecosystems. These systems act as important watercourses and retain large amounts of rainwater that can be used in agriculture.

Over time, the valley systems can become full of silt and debris, which can have adverse impacts on the surrounding area, including flooding and reduced rainwater storage capabilities. Over the years, the Ministry for Gozo has aggressively addressed this issue in attempt to restore Gozo’s valley systems to its normal functionality and to facilitate a safe and productive environment for local farmers.

To date, the Ministry for Gozo has intervened and helped to restore valley systems at Wied tar-Ramla, Wied Burumbara, Wied L-Infern, Wied tal-Grazzja, Wied ta’ Marsalforn and Wied il-Kbir – further valley systems have been shortlisted for intervention activities in the coming years.