Child painting

Education is undoubtedly essential in culture change which strives to achieve sustainable development. Implementing the EcoGozo vision depends strongly on individual’s behaviour and attitude and this can be achieved through awareness and education.

The Ministry for Gozo works closely with the Ministry for Education and Employment and follow the strategies proposed for Education for Sustainable Development in the National Curriculum Framework. The aim of this work is to support learners in taking informed decisions and responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability and to create a society that respects cultural diversity and thinks of future generations.

Apart from collaborating with all the schools in Gozo, include the State and Church schools, EcoGozo collaborates with other educational programmes including EkoSkola, LEAF and YRE. EcoGozo organises awareness campaigns with different entities including the Health Department, Local Councils, Malta Libraries and private entities. Moreover, activities are held on specific Observance Days like Arbor Day, World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Book and Copyright Day.

The EcoGozo principles need to be visible not only in the structure of school but also in the teaching and learning. Apart from having energy saving bulbs or using recycled material, there is the need to pass on values and principles which will accompany the individuals in their lifelong journey and at the same time improve the quality of life of present and future generations.