About Us

The protection and conservation of Gozo’s natural, rural, and historic environment is crucial to ensure that these play a significant role in presenting Gozo as a community which is welcoming and sustainable, attracting domestic and international visitors as well as investors to the Island.

The EcoGozo Directorate exercises two main functions: coordinating the implementation of projects and measures entrusted to it, often in collaboration with stakeholders, as well as being responsible for developing and promoting policies and strategies related to its competences.

The main objectives of the Eco-Gozo Directorate are

Protect & Enhance

Protect and enhance Gozo’s biodiversity, natural, traditional, and historic heritage

Awareness & Appreciation

Heighten Gozitan communities’ awareness and appreciation of our natural, traditional, and historical heritage

Water Resources

Sustainably manage and protect Gozo’s water resources

Restore, Rehabilitate & Conserve

Restore, rehabilitate, and conserve Gozo’s environment

Health & Well-being

Ensure that Gozo’s environment contributes to the Island’s communities’ health and sense of well-being

Future Generations

Handover to future generations a sustainably managed environment

The directorate also comprises two other sections: the Cleansing Section and the Animal Welfare Gozo section.

Public Cleansing

The Public Cleansing offers cleansing services along the arterial roads in Gozo, emptying of bins and grass cutting on both main roads and in local village streets. This section is also responsible for the maintenance of Public Conveniences in Gozo. The Beach Cleaning and Maintenance Garage is responsible for maintaining cleanliness on the beaches of Gozo and Comino. Cleaning is done regularly and rigorously all week. During the year employees within the Maintenance Garage carry out maintenance and embellishment work in various locations. Workers from this section manufacture ladders, railings and beach towers for use by lifeguards.

Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Section provides immediate assistance to injured, sick, vulnerable animals or those stray animals who are in potential danger that need the intervention of Animal Welfare Handlers in charge of the Emergency Animal Ambulance. This involves the provision of the temporary containment until further medical treatment can be provided, veterinary assistance, aftercare, rehabilitation and adoption thereafter.