RESINDUSTRY aims to increase the energy independency of the EU industry sector, by decreasing its energy intensity through a higher integration of renewable energy sources.

The main objective of this project is to:

Increase the industry competitiveness by decreasing its energy bill, rising their energy independency, thus uncoupling their energy costs from geopolitical externalities.

To achieve these long-term strategic objectives, renewable energy sources investment are to be made in the industries by improving Operational Programmes with new policies for Renewable energy Sources promotion.

There are 7 countries participating in this project, including:

  • Czech Republic – Czech Technical University (Lead Partner)
  • Finland – Lahti University of Applied Sciences
  • Spain – Extremadura Energy Agency
  • Estonia – Tartu Regional Energy Agency
  • Poland – Marshal Office of Świętokrzyskie Region
  • Austria – Vorarlberg University of applied Sciences
  • Malta – EcoGozo, Ministry for Gozo

Objectives for Gozo:

  • Create a Local Stakeholder Group that will benefit from transferring of experiences regarding RES integration in industries across the 7 partners
  • Identify 10 best practices in Malta
  • Market Analysis with a deep analysis of the regional situation
  • Regional Assessment
  • Improve Operational Programmes with new policies for RES Promotion
  • 12 Participants in Interregional Workshops and Study Visits with increased knowledge
  • 19 policy learning events