RESINDUSTRY aims to increase the energy independency of the EU industry sector, by decreasing its energy intensity through a higher integration of renewable energy sources.

The main objective of this project is to:

Increase the industry competitiveness by decreasing its energy bill, rising their energy independency, thus uncoupling their energy costs from geopolitical externalities.

To achieve these long-term strategic objectives, renewable energy sources investment are to be made in the industries by improving Operational Programmes with new policies for Renewable energy Sources promotion.

There are 7 countries participating in this project, including:

  • Czech Republic – Czech Technical University (Lead Partner)
  • Finland – Lahti University of Applied Sciences
  • Spain – Extremadura Energy Agency
  • Estonia – Tartu Regional Energy Agency
  • Poland – Marshal Office of Świętokrzyskie Region
  • Austria – Vorarlberg University of applied Sciences
  • Malta – EcoGozo, Ministry for Gozo

Objectives for Gozo:

  • Create a Local Stakeholder Group that will benefit from transferring of experiences regarding RES integration in industries across the 7 partners
  • Identify 10 best practices in Malta
  • Market Analysis with a deep analysis of the regional situation
  • Regional Assessment
  • Improve Operational Programmes with new policies for RES Promotion
  • 12 Participants in Interregional Workshops and Study Visits with increased knowledge
  • 19 policy learning events

Interreg Europe—RESINDUSTRY Interregional Workshop 7, Study Visit 3 and Steering Committee 7

The EcoGozo directorate, one of the seven partners of the RESINDUSTRY Project, held in Gozo on the 27th of April the 7th Interregional Workshop and on the 28th of April, the 7th Steering Committee and the 3rd Study Visit.

RESINDUSTRY main objective is to increase the energy independency of the EU industry sector by decreasing its energy intensity through a higher integration of RES.


Interregional Workshop 7

Held in Ta’ Ċenċ Hotel, more than 50 participants from 6 EU countries and Malta, including partners and stakeholders, participated in the workshop which discussed the partners’ action plan for phase 2 of the project. The workshop opened with an introduction from the EcoGozo director, Mr. Joseph Cutajar, followed by a presentation by all partners about the action plans for phase two, followed by an open discussion between all partners.

Later that day, all partners and stakeholders were given a tour of the Citadel Bastion by Assistant Director Mr. Stephen Cini from the Cultural Heritage directorate.


Steering Committee 7

Partners held a short meeting about semester six of the project and activities planned for phase two in Santinella Hall, Citadel.


Study Visit 3

The consortium had planned to meet in September 2020, but due to the COVID pandemic, the meeting was postponed. Partners, together with their stakeholders, had an interesting study visit at Magro Food Village and FXB in Xewkija Industrial Estate. In semester two of the project, the two mentioned industries were voted amongst the best fourteen practices out of a total of seventy best practices. Due to the large number of participants, the consortium was divided into two groups. Apart from a tour around the premises, where the participants could observe the industry processes, the consortium was also briefed about the renewable energy sources the industry currently uses and their plans for the future to decrease further the industry’s dependency on fossil fuels.