As part of a plan to conserve the natural habitat of the rural environment, the Ministry for Gozo developed a long-term initiative to restore and upgrade the Island of Gozo with two major projects co-financed by the European Union.


EAFRD M4.4121

Rehabilitation of Gozo’s valleys to enhance their rain capturing and soil retention capabilities.

The first project comprehends the rehabilitation of the valleys which consist of cleaning the valley systems, the reconstruction of nearby rubble walls and the amelioration of rainwater harvesting facilities. The objective is to enhance the rainwater capturing potential of Gozo and to reduce the incidence of soil erosion through run-offs. This is also in line with EcoGozo,s strategy

The project falls under the Measure 4.4 – Non-productive investments linked to the achievement of agri-environment-climate objectives. The financing is procured 75% by the EU and 25% by the Ministry for Gozo.

At the time of publication of this document, the tendering process has been devised and works initiated at the localities of Kercem, Ghasri and Victoria.


EAFRD M4.4205

Restoration of Rubble Walls in Ramla

The Second project focuses on Ramla Valley. This valley incorporates a dam which is critical to the harvesting of water that is utilised by the local farming community in winter and shoulder months. This project also falls under measure 4.4, and aims to enhance the quality of the landscape and biodiversity of the area which is considered as semi-natural habitat of several endemic populations. It is co-financed by the European Union on a 75% basis. The remaining funds will be issued by the Ministry for Gozo.

As for now, the procurement process is complete, and the works are due to start in the immediate short term.

Both projects are considered imperative for the local community as they target enhancement of utilities and the contribution towards the enhancement of our landscapes that encourage better opportunities for walking and hiking which are recommended in the sustainable development strategy of the EU.