Gozo Proud Anti-Littering Campaign


It is no secret that littering diminishes the beauty of a country. Unfortunately, some seem to be oblivious of this fact and, while we have made great strides in recent years, we can still see litter in our streets, parks and in the sea. Whether it is because of apathy, indifference or lack of awareness, litter remains a problem.

Litter is a problem for our environment. It is a problem for our Tourism product. It is a problem because it diminishes the value of our island and our own quality of life.

The scope of the Gozo Proud anti-littering campaign is to educate and encourage a change in attitude by creating litter awareness in our community.


Here are nine good reasons why you shouldn't litter!

A gem hidden by litter

Gozo is a gem sought by thousands of tourists for its natural charms. The island’s economy depends heavily on tourism. Litter is unsightly and reduces the aesthetic appeal of Gozo. Whenever we litter, we’re reducing the island’s value and putting at risk someone’s livelihood.


A dirty reputation

A littered country reflects badly on its people and affects the reputation they get.


Litter is money!

Throwing garbage in a bin does not cost you anything, but littering does! Removing litter takes time and costs the taxpayer more money.


When the coast's not clear

The litter you see in the streets will eventually be washed down to one of your favourite bays. Swimming amidst floating bottles, cans and cigarette butts is not very appealing, now is it?

Killing two birds with one's litter

The island’s fauna might mistake litter for food and this may result in suffocation. Animals might get entangled in plastic or get injured by broken glass.


Don't fuel the fire!

Loose bits of paper can cause fires that destroy trees and kill different species of animals.


Look before you litter

If you are still unconvinced, litter is bad for you too! Litter is a breeding ground for bacteria and this can be a health hazard. 

Lead by example!

Litter breeds litter. Studies have shown that litter attracts litter, and if an area is litter-free, people are more likely to think twice about littering. Basically, your act of littering is likely to lead others to follow suit.


Time is of the essence

Some items take ages to decompose; Paper takes two to five months, a tinned steel can may take 50 while an aluminium can takes between 200 to 500 years. And it gets worse! Plastic bags may take up to 1000 years and plastic or glass bottles may take more than 1 million years to fully decompose!





So, what can we do?

Set a good example. Gozo is, excuse the pun, littered with bins; throw your rubbish in the closest one. If there are no bins within arm's reach, your rubbish can wait. Carry it with you until you find the next bin.

Assume responsibility. Sticks and stones may break one's bones, but bending down to pick that plastic bottle carelessly thrown to the ground never hurt anyone.

Educate. Teaching children about the harm litter does to the environment will help develop an environmentally conscious future generation.

Contribute. Plenty of clean-ups are organised in Gozo. Your contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference!

Carry a litter bag in your vehicle. It’s a simple solution to tossing rubbish to the wind.

Reduce and Reuse. There are plenty of ways in which used items can become useful again. Your unwanted blanket will be highly valued at an animals’ shelter. Used paper can be used as a notepad. Plastic containers may be used to store food. Be creative; the possibilities are unlimited!

Recycle. You can either place recyclable items in the grey or green bags for home collection arranged by the local council. Another option is to deposit waste items at one of the many bring in sites across the island. Finally, bulky items can be deposited at the Civic Amenity site in Xewkija.

Every litter-bit counts. You can make a difference; be Gozo Proud! 

Use the #GozoProud tag on your instagram and facebook photos of Gozo to help us raise awareness about this campaign. All #GozoProud photos will be featured in the feed below.