Peculiar rock formations, crystal clear waters, salt pans and a bustling summer nightlife


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Just like Xlendi, Marsalforn has seen major developments along the years and it is fair to say that it has become the most popular tourist resort on the island. Marsalforn lies between the hill-top villages of Zebbug and Xaghra and hosts a variety of restaurants, pubs and hotels. The place is pretty lively during the summer months and somewhat deserted in the cold wintery days. The village is not limited to the usual commercial sites that usually make up a tourist resort. In fact, the outskirts of Marsalforn have been left relatively untouched and nature reigns supreme in these areas. From the peculiar rock formations at Ghar Qawqla to the salt pans in Qbajjar, it is guaranteed that anyone walking along the crescent-shaped rocky Marsalforn bay will be treated to some stunning picturesque scenes. The small sandy beach is not the only bathing area in the village, there are plenty of swimming spots that might tickle any swimming enthusiast's fancy. The bay lies at the end of a fertile valley which is dominated by a handful of hillocks. A popular hillock, bearing the statue of Christ the Saviour on its top, greets visitors arriving from Gozo's capital. Is-Salvatur Hill, as is known by locals, offers breath taking views of Gozo's nature.  Apart from its natural and economic importance, Marsalforn also has some historical and cultural significance. The ports importance peaked in the late 16th century when imported food supplies from Sicily were unloaded at Marsalforn.



Gozo's Unique Coastline

Steeped in cultural and natural heritage, the Island of Gozo has a blend of characteristics that have astounded visitors along the years.  The island's dramatic coastline, a habitat to thousands of species, is unique in the Mediterranean. The hot summer days are ideal for a swim in one of the Island's bays while the perfect warm climate during the winter months makes Gozo an optimal destination for those who would love an adventure along the rugged Gozitan shoreline. Gozo offers diving opportunities all year long in its stunning blue waters while trekkers can explore Gozo's idyllic country side, especially on a glorious sunny spring day. Although the island is primarily renowned for its heavenly summer days, the other nine months of the year offer a mixture of spectacular scenes with an unbelievable variety and contrast of colours each step of the way. No wonder Edward Lear - a 19th Century artist, illustrator, author and poet - ran out of words to depict Gozo's beauty and described the island's coastal scenery as pomskizillious and gromphibberous. The Englishman tailored these words specifically for Gozo's coast, just because no words can describe its magnificence.


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