A showcase of Mediterranean ecology and biogeography


Sheer Cliff - 0051 - CopyThe western part of Gozo is dominated by the sheer beauty of Dwejra, an area of huge geologic and geomorphologic interest. The pristine site comprises of coastal cliffs, sea caves, fossil deposits, coastal erotional features and a rocky coast. Dwejra serves as a backbone for a diverse suite of habitats, some of them of very limited distribution at a national, regional and global level. These habitats have numerous resident rare species as well as migratory ones. A short visit to the area could prove to be quite educational as Dwejra is a showcase of Mediterranean ecology and biogeorgraphy. It is also rich in cultural elements spanning from the 3 century BC to the 19 century. The place could be enjoyed all year long as both the fierce rough seas in winter and the crystal clear waters in summer provide for some entertainment. A boatride or swim followed by some trekking in the fading golden evening light will make you more appreciative of a site that is of great cultural, scientific, historic and ecologic importance. Home to the world famous Azure Window, the Blue Hole, Fungus Rock, a Coastal Tower and the Inland Sea, Dwejra attracts thousands of visitors who are willing to spend a serene day admiring, appreciating and exploring this place of wonders woven by Mother Nature. 

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Gozo's Unique Coastline

Steeped in cultural and natural heritage, the Island of Gozo has a blend of characteristics that have astounded visitors along the years.  The island's dramatic coastline, a habitat to thousands of species, is unique in the Mediterranean. The hot summer days are ideal for a swim in one of the Island's bays while the perfect warm climate during the winter months makes Gozo an optimal destination for those who would love an adventure along the rugged Gozitan shoreline. Gozo offers diving opportunities all year long in its stunning blue waters while trekkers can explore Gozo's idyllic country side, especially on a glorious sunny spring day. Although the island is primarily renowned for its heavenly summer days, the other nine months of the year offer a mixture of spectacular scenes with an unbelievable variety and contrast of colours each step of the way. No wonder Edward Lear - a 19th Century artist, illustrator, author and poet - ran out of words to depict Gozo's beauty and described the island's coastal scenery as pomskizillious and gromphibberous. The Englishman tailored these words specifically for Gozo's coast, just because no words can describe its magnificence.


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