Restoring, embellishing and creating new public spaces in Gozo

Sannat GardenGozo is renowned for its greenery. It has always been the Ministry’s aim to increase green recreational areas and improve the existing ones. Over the past years, various works to this effect were accomplished, offering families more public places to enjoy. The extensive upgrading of Villa Rundle Gardens [Victoria], the creation of the Three Hills Garden [Marsalforn], the afforestation project at Mgarr Harbour Grove [Ghajnsielem], the embellishment of Id-Dahla tac-Cnus area [Sannat] have resulted in offering both locals and visitors open spaces which can now be enjoyed by all. In 2010 and 2011 over 27,000 trees and shrubs were planted in Gozo. In addition, more than 191,000 decorative plants were planted in public spaces. These works were the result of a total investment of €2.74 million over 3 years. Renovation works on more green areas will also commence at the Victoria Playing Field and at ta’ Blankas Olive Grove [Xewkija].

The restoration of rubble walls, which form an essential part of Gozo’s picturesque landscape, also featured in the ecoGozo Action Plan. Although, admittedly, work on rubble walls is never enough, given the huge network of walls all around the island, around 5km of rubble walls have been restored through ecoGozo funding. This funding was provided through specific schemes and with the initiative of Local Councils and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The Ministry for Gozo also continued with its programme of rubble wall restoration through direct labour.