Valley cleaning program

Cleaning of valleysThe cleaning and maintenance program of water catchment areas is an extensive project which is contributing to the meeting of high standards of sustainable development in Gozo. Through this project, the facilities to store rain water during the winter months were increased, thus less water will be lost at sea. This cleaning is also beneficial for the agricultural sector as farmers will exert less pressure on the water-table.

This valley-cleaning program for the year 2011 included the cleaning of Wied tal-G'asri, Wied ta Marsalforn (second phase), Wied tal-Kapu ini and Wied tar-Ramla.
Material collected from these valleys was transported to Qortin ta' Isopu, limits of Nadur, where this site, once a quarry, will be transformed into an ecological restoration project through the planting of trees.
In 2013, Wied l-Infern, limits of Zebbug and Wied tal-Barumbara, limits of Ghajnsielem, where cleaned.  The main purpose was to clean the valleys and increase the water retention capacity  to store rain water during the rainy season.
Good fertile soil which was removed from these valleys was collected and transferred to other government project sites to be utilised for afforestation  projects.  Farmers will also benefit greatly from this cleaning activity as they will have more rainwater to be used for agricultural purposes.  This will result in  reducing the extraction of ground water  which in turn will increase the possibility of groundwater replenishment.