Visitation Museum

Visitation museumThis project by the Għaqda Folkloristika tal-Qiegħa involves the setting up of a museum in the Għarb Basilica.  This will be a showcase of the treasures found related to the Għarb church.  

Amongst the unique attractions in this collection one can find pottery dating to the Phoenicians as well as a collection of Arabic and Jewish coins which are a proof of the trade present in this area by sea merchants.  Amongst other exhibits, there is a wooden statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, paintings by local and foreign artists and a collection of silverware, which includes a unique set of chandeliers found in Gozo.  One can also appreciate a number of ceremonial costumes and sacred paraments which are exhibited here. A special section of this museum has been dedicated to Mgr Nikol Guzeppi Cauchi who was born and lived in Gharb, and served as Bishop for Gozo between 1972 and 2005. 

Another unique exhibit of this museum is the Decree, written in Gothic style, which was issued by the Vatican in 1774 to elevate the Parish Church to Collegiate.

This project was 95% financed through the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs.

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